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Who is Trevor Meaker?

Trevor’s passion for teaching others how to optimise wellbeing originated as a school sports coach, where he observed the effect of enhanced physical performance on all areas of his students' lives. His personal development from a school teacher to coaching adults was inspired while recovering from depression, triggered by anxiety and burnout, at the age of 26. Recognising the limitations of medical solutions, Trevor embarked on a 16 year journey of research and self experimentation, into how physical exercise, nutrition and bio-hacking affect both physiological and mental health. 

I’m passionate about human performance, mostly from a psychological and mental health perspective. I'm incredibly curious and have spent over fifteen years researching and learning from experts such as Peter Attia, Ben Greenfield, Ryan Holiday and Andrew Huberman. It is a personal mission which started the first time I was diagnosed with depression. After the first few weeks of taking the medication the medical doctor prescribed, even at the age of 26, I knew there was something wrong. I would lie awake at night researching and making notes, reading other people’s experiences, reading books and listening to podcasts. I am hugely grateful for the journey I have now walked, which has lead me from less than ordinary to now competing in IRONMAN Triathlons - as much for the physical challenge as the mental resilience.


As a PT, I believe you become your client’s friend, coach, mentor, and therapist and empathy plays a huge role in that. The life experiences I’ve been through personally, in regards to significant life change, set-backs and struggles with mental health has placed me in a strong position to share my knowledge with others and provide an empathetic understanding of what others might be going through when stress and life pressures increase. I love sport, am passionate about rugby, cricket and of course Triathlon. I believe in an approach to holistic health that is driven by goals but implemented through a process of habit change.


I practice what I preach when it comes to habit development and constantly strive for a balance between pursuing excellence and enjoying life’s less serious moments. I’ve been privileged to travel fairly extensively and learned from a young age to appreciate and learn from all of life’s experiences. It’s this attitude that has helped me to not just learn from diverse cultures but to maintain friendships with various people from a range of backgrounds around the world.  


On a less serious note, I am obsessed with coffee and in my pursuit for making the perfect flat white, have trained as a barista.  I am at my best when fed on quality organic  rib-eye steak and genuinely enjoy living a healthy lifestyle - for me, balance is not about training hard all week so that I can indulge on the weekend, but rather balancing training, social connections and benefiting from the results of healthy habits. In my own pursuits, I can honestly say I’ve found the joy in the process, regardless of whether or not I achieve my goal of qualifying for the Ironman World Champs.

In the interests of authenticity, Trevor continues to develop his expertise in various ways, including learning from his own coach while competing in IRONMAN Triathlon.


“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

​~Marcus Aurelius

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