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What my clients have to say:

"It's not often that you come across a trainer who genuinely invests in your personal journey, both as an athlete and as an individual.

Trevor has a knack for understanding his trainees, their strengths and the areas that need more work. Our sessions were tailored to ensure that I was consistently pushing my boundaries, but in a way that was both sustainable and safe. He focused on developing my physical strengths, while also ensuring I had the mental fortitude to stay the course.

Under his guidance, I not only achieved peak performance but also played Division 1 tennis in the USA. Trevor's coaching goes beyond just the physical – he nurtures a mindset that's ready to take on challenges.

If you're seeking a coach who can genuinely elevate your game, Trevor is the person to turn to."

~ Kenton P

"Having worked with Trevor for a number of months I can honestly say that from the first meeting we had to discuss my desired achievements in personal training, he understood what I wanted and made every effort to coach me in achieving my goals. Not only did I see massive physical difference in a short period, but I was also mentally and emotionally refreshed after my sessions. He is by far the best physical trainer I could have hoped to work with and was always accommodating  to my schedule and level of input I could manage at the time"

Shaeden W


"Trevor has reignited my flagging interest in becoming fitter and leaner even at 55. The varied compound exercises in his workouts have improved my strength, fitness and crucially balance and mobility. The sheer variety of exercises has made for fun sessions far removed from the mind numbing boredom of my old routines. Trevor is thoroughly professional and will ensure that you will meet your goals."  

Patrick Lead


"Trevor is the best trainer I have had by a country mile.   

He is technically excellent and of a very high calibre in training to your potential. He listens and trains you to what you desire. He has made gym fun as opposed to a grind. I would say in my fifties I am now in a position to be in better nick then I have been since my early twenties. This is a great way of life and not a yuppie pastime. I would highly recommend him to young and old. Good luck Trev."


~ William Lead

"Everything about life's journey should be about progression, not perfection. Each slice of whatever is dished out needs to be appreciated for what it takes as much as for what it gives. There are no shortcuts but there are wiser choices. Trevor understands this about his own life and it has been my privilege to have his coaching and friendship transform my lifestyle.


Whatever is unfamiliar to him, he investigates, whatever questions he may not at first be able to answer with certainty, he seeks out answers to. There is no overblown ego or insecure flattery. He connects people to whomever and whatever fits best, even if it means recommending someone else to replace him.

Having married later in life, and having now become a father, I am ever more grateful for the extra time he has bought me to spend with my family.


This is a simple task to write a positive review without suspicion of bias. The reason? Many who find their way into his profession are trying to make the mantle of trainer fit, instead of being born to partner and coach. Trevor fits into the latter category, comfortably."

~ Steve M

"Trevor was my personal trainer in Durban, South Africa for about 18 months in 2013/2014. What started out as a 6 week trial turned out into one of the best decisions ever. I cannot recommend Trevor highly enough. With a strong background in education (from a previous life) Trevor trains you so that you understand the why and the how. Adapting the programme to suit your needs and objectives along the way. The perfect grounding for achieving your own goals. Get in touch with him. You will not regret this investment in yourself!"

~ Allison C


"When you have had a busy stressful day there is nothing better than a bubbly smiling trainer greeting you at gym ready to get the endorphins going. That is Trevor! Better yet he sculpts your body and focuses on the parts that require work. For me it was my shoulders. Always very particular about posture and technique and changes routines so you don't get bored. SA is missing a great trainer!!!!"

~ Marie-Louise

"Been training with quite a few personal trainers before and Trevor quickly spotted the smallest technical flaws I might make in a move. Great PT !"

~ Ann-Kristin

"I have worked alongside Trevor in the fitness field, many years ago, and I can truly say that he knows what he's talking about!! He's a living example of cardiovascular fitness, muscle toning, healthy balanced eating, plus allowing for the odd take-away, glass of wine or cold beer. His advice is individually targeted and manageable for any size, gender and age. I can highly recommend TMLifestyle!!"

~ Debbie


“I met Trevor through playing touch rugby but i have also been lucky to have him as a personal trainer in an awesome private gym in Fulham. Trevor is really professional and knows his stuff, tries to work out what drives you and helps you achieve your goals! He was completely focused on me during the session and helped me push myself way further than i would go on my own. Thanks!!”

~ Helen

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