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Coaching Services

Choose the service that suits your needs best, or get in touch to find out more.


Personalised Training Programme and Nutrition Plan 


Who is this for?

Any goals ranging from simple weight loss to smashing your PB in your next half marathon. You have a basic understanding of home or gym workouts and exercises but need structure and accountability.

What is included:

  • Initial consultation with Lifestyle and goal assessment

  • Personalised Workout Programme, assessed weekly and modified monthly 

  • Personalised nutrition plan to compliment your training and lifestyle goals


The complete Lifestyle Habit Transformation Programme 

Who is this for?

You want to recover from the effects of stress and/or optimise your lifestyle to ensure you're not only surviving but excelling.

What is included:

  • Initial coffee chat - either virtual or in person, depending on location

  • Full initial assessment of lifestyle and habits analysis

  • Workout Plan - as involved or simplified as your circumstances require

  • 30 minute consultation each week

  • Full lifestyle structure and planning process

  • Weekly education on topics relevant to your circumstances and optimising your holistic health

  • Complete Habit change coaching according to the TMLifestyle (TM) method

  • Access to twenty years of research, knowledge and personal experience on overcoming depression and general life optimisation.


Personalised 1:1 exercise coaching and nutrition planning

Who is this for?

  • In-person PT and Coaching at the highly sought after Lensbury Health Club

  • Home PT: You live in the Richmond Borough of London and are not a member of the Lensbury

  • Online and would like weekly coaching and training sessions

What is included:

  • Initial consultation with no obligation (either in person or online depending on location)

  • Initial health and physical movement assessment

  • Personalised workout programme design

  • Nutrition advice

  • Varied workouts and training plan according to your needs each session


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